Civil Discourse in Uncivil Times: Implications for Renewal


Conference panel featuring leading scholars who share their research and reflect on the current state of civic fracture in the US, and the potential for civic renewal.


Elizabeth Theiss-Morse
Danielle Brown
Yphtach Lelkes
Deen Freelon
Dannagal Young


Dhavan Shah, University of Wisconsin

A word from our panelists

The protest paradigm doesn’t hold up in lots of places, especially since media has become more democratized. Social media offers opportunities to divest in that binary delegitimizing vs legitimizing narrative
Danielle Brown
University of Minnesota
Because civic respect is embedded in our understanding of democracy and democratic equality - you have to believe in democracy to be able give civic respect.
Elizabeth Theiss-Morse
University of Nebraska
Who is rewarded in terms of press coverage? It is those at the idealogical extremes. So to the extent that our media organizations are focused on highlighting the dramatic, or the scandalous, or what is novel - that is what they will focus on.
Dannagal G. Young
University of Delaware

Implications for renewal

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