How Politics, and the Journalism Covering it, has Changed in Wisconsin


Conference panel featuring leading Wisconsin journalists who share their experiences covering the 2022 election and reflect on the state of civic life in the state.


Jessie Opoien, Capital Times
Dan Kaufman, author of The Fall of Wisconsin
Dan Shafer, The Recombobulation Area
Toya Washington, WISN 12 News


Lew Friedland, University of Wisconsin

A word from our panelists

On the Ten Year History of Gerrymandering In Wisconsin || What I have observed over the years... is the underswell and the growing amount of people who are fully understanding what will come if there is no movement on this. And I think our job, my job as a journalist, is also to fully explain the implications of what’s going on.
Toya Washington
News Anchor at WISN 12 News
One thing that media in general could do a better job of, is to be a little bit more proactive, instead of reactive to what’s happening in the news...I think it’s about reorienting the medias focus - that is perhaps a way to get towards that civic renewal that we’re talking about today.
Dan Shafer
Founder of The Recombobulation Area
On the Ten Year History of Gerrymandering In Wisconsin || One of the bipartisan or non partisan traditions of Wisconsin civic life was openness, open government. And there was no input from any member of the public when this happened. And I think that the method of it did reveal a lot about what was to come beyond just the gerrymandering - it was essentially a power grab.
Dan Kaufman
Author of The Fall of Wisconsin

Politics & Journalism in Wisconsin

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