Keynote Lecture - Tommy G. Thompson


Tommy G. Thompson, Former Governor of Wisconsin, 19th United States Secretary of Health and Human Services, and Past President of the University of Wisconsin System.


Tommy G. Thompson, Former Governor of Wisconsin


Mike Wagner, University of Wisconsin

What Others Are Saying

We are so excited to hear from our invited speakers and to share how the research we at the UW do shines a light on how our state is fulfilling, and falling short of, the shining example set by Bill Kraus’ contributions to how we govern ourselves in Wisconsin.
Professor Mike Wagner
Director of the CCCR.
The topic of bipartisan civility and cooperation was the topic that Bill devoted much of his life to, and over the course of many years and many political campaigns, he became known as ’the conscience of Wisconsin politics.’ This conference should provide us all with lessons in how to get back to good government, how we might find our way out of the wilderness and into the light of transparency, fairness, and public input.
Toni Sikes
Co-Founder and CEO of CODAworx
Bill was a political strategist from the days when campaign consultants were believers, not mercenaries. Bill retired but never retreated from his commitment to a healthy democracy. He haunted Capitol offices driven by his belief that “let the people decide” obligated legislators, Rs and Ds alike, to overturn gerrymandering to give voters their due.
Barbara Lawton
Former Lt. Gov. of Wisconsin

60% of Wisconsin residents support legislative compromise

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